Don't know the struggle. Can't feel the hustle.

Since Columbine schools have changed.

If you have gone to school after 1999 you can pretty easily tell that things are different. Security cameras have been put up, uniforms have been established. And most of all the No Tolerance Act. Under the No Tolerance Act the slightest threat playing or not can result in suspension. One time a teacher overheard me joke around with a friend and say I was gonna break her nose. Got suspended for five days. Today’s shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut got me thinking. Does the same rules and procedures that America’s high schools and colleges have followed since Columbine and Virginia Tech apply to elementary schools? One of my little cousins comes home nearly everyday saying that she’s bullied. Here recently she came home saying a girl walked up to her and yelled in her face. Parents are allowed to come in any door of the elementary they want and all they get when they check in is a small green sticker that says visitor. Maybe officials thought they didn’t have to apply the procedures to elementary schools. Who would walk into a elementary school and purposely hurt a bunch of little kids? That would never happen in America. Well guess what people. It did. Today. On Friday December 14, 2012. Officials new to open their eyes. Our little brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins aren’t safe any more in their kindergarten classes.